The Pedal

The Dutch Kazoo is a new fuzz with a unique original all-analog design — not a clone.

Its two-stage overdrive interacts with a blendable kazoo filter and tone control to present a palette of tones from slight overdrive to heavily saturated psychedelic fuzz to metallic noise. True bypass switching maintains the integrity of the guitar signal with the fuzz switched off.

The innovative fuzz circuit was designed by high-flying hi-fi guru JC Morrison.

The Dutch Kazoo is hand-assembled in the United States using top-quality through-hole components with hard-wired jacks and controls.

US$225 plus shipping.
Available in 5 different graphic designs.

Optional expression pedal jack for blend control – $15 extra. 10k expression pedal, such as Roland EV-5 required (not included). Pedal with expression pedal jack is not battery operated.


  • Controls: vol 1, vol 2, blend, tone, (optional expression pedal jack for blend control)
  • 9V battery and/or negative tip 9V adapter [Boss-style] (not included; no battery option on pedal with expression jack)
  • ΒΌ” input and output jacks
  • Unique hand-finished solid wood housing from light-colored domestic hardwood
  • Available in 5 different designs: Fox, Cyclops, Kazoos, Flowers or Bats
  • Dimensions: 8-1/8″ long by 4-3/4″ wide by 2″ for the highest portion of the wooden body. With knobs included, the height is 2-1/2″.

Press & Reviews

  • “The attention to detail put into the Dutch Kazoo is apparent, and because of it, we’re given a highly unique and rewarding fuzz pedal. Do your rig a favor, and buy this pedal.”
    Reviewed in Deli Magazine’s Winter 2014 issue
  • “The Dutch Kazoo is a great-sounding OD/fuzz pedal…how often will you get the chance to kick in fuzz tones by stomping on something that looks like it came out of your mother’s china cabinet?”
    Reviewed in Vintage Guitar’s March 2014 issue
  • “The Dutch Kazoo fills the hole left by the long dead Superfuzz…It’s a great sounding box, and it is a sound that I’ve been missing for too long.”
    – Mark Arm (Mudhoney)
  • “[T]he Dutch Kazoo screams. And the combination of adjustable gain stages and blendable filter make it one of the most unique fuzzes we’ve seen or heard in years.”
    Reviewed in Premier Guitar’s February 2014 issue
  • Featured on Premier Guitar’s Gear Horizon (December 2013)
  • Video review by Gearmanndude